Limited Warranty:

This warranty is valid only for a period of 18 Months for Software and below mentioned Hardware items from the date of warranty start, mentioned on warranty card.

Warranty Coverage:

Warranty is available exclusively for the handset’s following parts Mic, Ringer, Speaker, Ear piece Speaker, Sims Card jacket, and Memory Card jacket, Headphones main board strips, TV module, FM module, Projector Module, main on board ICs or any other components supplied along with whatsoever are not covered in free parts warranty.

This warranty shall be deemed void if handset is dead, short circuit, burnt, liquid damage, damage caused by any physical factor, if main board is physically damaged, if IMEI is scratch not found in software,  used with additional equipments or if the handset has been serviced/Repaired by anyone other than G’FIVE Care authorized service centers.

The customer must present its Warranty card along with the original purchase receipt in order to avail warranty services.

The customer must preserve the original packaging of the handset for the entire warranty period.

Due to any technical or unforeseen reason delivery of handset could be delayed.

The actual repair charges if any may vary from estimated depending on parts used and repair time.

Customer must collect phone within 14 days of submission for warranty, otherwise G’FIVE Care authorized service centers will not be responsible for the phone loss.

Services will only be available on authentication of above provisions and requirements by our authorized service centers.

G’FIVE Care reserves the rights to open the handset for inspection before accepting it under warranty. Incase of a manufacturing will apply. Replacement will be made for battery, casing and allied components at the moment of purchasing.

G’FIVE Care is not responsible for data loss from the handset submitted for repair/service. As per repair/services requirement the delivery time could be in all conditions. The English text version over rules the Urdu text version.

Limited Liability:

To the maximum extent as permitted by applicable law, in no event shall G’FIVE Care/G’FIVE, Its Owners, whatsoever without limitation arising out of inability to use the handset.


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